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Treatments & Products

At Body Beautiful we are able to offer you a wide range of treatments.These include:

Nail Care:

Your hands and nails are often one of the first things people will look at when you first meet them. Regular maintenance and care helps to keep natural nails healthy.  Having a manicure and pedicure keeps nails tidy, improves their appearance and can help identify any problems you may be experiencing. At Body Beautiful we offer a range of manicures and pedicures to help you maintain those perfect hands and feet. We care not only for your nails but also for the skin surrounding them. We use high quality products that promote strength in your natural nails.


Nail Enhancements:

In our busy lives, sometimes we do not always find the time to have the type of nails that we desire. Your nails could be brittle or damaged for example. This is where nail enhancements come in...well, handy. Nail enhancement transforms your natural nails.  At Body Beautiful, we use high quality products to create the nails that you want.  Nail extensions can be created using a variety of techniques, depending on what your individual needs are. In addition to the enhancements that we offer, we also provide services aimed at maintaining your enhancements.  



We offer a full range of waxing, which is a way of removing unwanted body hair. Waxing is a way of semi-permanently removing hair at the root. Regrowth does not grow back as quickly or as thickly for between two to eight weeks (depending upon the body part waxed).We cater for both males and females. Waxing is carried out in our treatment rooms to ensure your privacy and dignity. As an LGBT welcoming salon, we understand the need for confidentiality and we always put your feelings and needs as our paramount priority.


Face & Eyes:

Keeping your eyes and face looking fresh, and the skin healthy is essential for creating a good impression of yourself when meeting others.  At Body Beautiful, we can offer you a range of treatments aimed at doing just this. Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting gives a natural colour to frame and compliment your eyes. This is also  a brilliant option for the sports persons and swimmers of you out there, no more running mascara.Tinting involves carefully applying natural and safe colours to the hairs.  We will do this matching colours to your skin tone and eye colour.To keep your facial skin fresh and in good condition we can perform a number of facials. A facial aims at removing toxins from your skin and allows the natural and beautiful glow to shine.


Other Treatments & Products:

The following treatments are also offered by Body Beautiful these are undertaken by visiting therapists. If you are interested in any of these treatments, then please contact us for further information, prices and bookings.


"Hopi" Ear Candles:

"Hopi" Ear Candling is a natural alternative and complimentary therapy.  It is an ancient technique and has passed down through civilisations.The treatment involves a hollow candle placed in the ear and lit at the other end.  The treatment relaxes you and relieves a number of ear nose and throat problems The treatment is non-invasive and is finished with a lovely head massage.


Semi-Permanent Make Up:

Another part of our  Body Beautiful treatments portfolio is the application of Semi-Permanent Make Up.Our busy lives, and the strive to look and feel good, may mean that our make up routine can take up too much of our precious time.  Semi-permanent make up offers a welcome helping hand. It is a smudge proof answer!  It involves "tattooing" on individual details to the eyebrows, lids and lips. Unlike a normal tattoo, this system doesn't cause scabbing or soreness. After a few days the make up looks natural. This treatment lasts from 9 to 18 months. We also offer 'top up' treatments in between to keep your make up looking fabulous.