Wigs Hull

Wigs-Hull ( & bespoke wig Styling service)


 We carry over 70-80 wigs  in all styles

Prices for our wigs are around £70 and human hair £100 ( minimal stock)

We have a private fitting room for you can try any number of our wigs on till you find one that suits you.

We dealt with every type of hair loss so we understand how you are feeling

Alopecia /Chemotherapy/Fun /Style 

Our wig stylist Becky charges around £20 for basic re-style

Ring 01482 375255

We Supply Wigs To People With Every Type Of Hair Loss From Chemotherapy ,Alopecia, Radiotherapy, Hormone Treatment, Transsexuals,Transvestites. And have over 70 to 80 wigs always in stock at one time.

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